Terms & Condition

Last updated: 10 July 2020

The following terms and conditions including all documents referred to in them (“Conditions”) outline the way in which Bevvy Exchange Limited operates, including the service we offer and details of payments and transfers, data protection, website use and much more.

The parties to this agreement are: Bevvy Exchange (“BE”) with the Registration Number: RC: 1685060, and the client(s) who has/have either completed the registration form and/or agreed to these Conditions electronically (the “Client”) and they apply to all use by the Client of their account with Bevvy Exchange, whether through the Bevvy Exchange online system or otherwise. See clause below for the arrangements that will apply when these Conditions are updated from time to time.

1. Service

1.1. Bevvy Exchange buys and sells crypto-currencies for personal and/or commercial purposes. It cannot trade with the Client if the Client is seeking to profit by pure speculation on currency movements without having a genuine reason for wanting to exchange currency. In addition, Bevvy Exchange can only trade with a Client if the Client has the capacity and authority to trade and is acting on its own account and not on behalf of others.

1.2. Whilst Bevvy Exchange may provide information about crypto-currency markets and related matters, it does not and will not provide advice to the Client or any other party. Any decision made to buy/sell currency is made wholly independently of Bevvy Exchange.

1.3. These Conditions shall apply to all cryptocurrency trades and payment transfers that Bevvy Exchange undertakes.

1.4. The Client may give Bevvy Exchange instructions in writing, orally, or by electronic means, including via the Bevvy Exchange on-line system, on each occasion does so entirely at the Client’s own risk.

2. Third party providers acting for the client

2.1. The Client agrees that all instructions given to Bevvy Exchange on its behalf by any person authorized to act on its behalf shall be legally binding upon the Client in accordance with these Conditions. The Client authorizes Bevvy Exchange to accept and act upon any instructions which Bevvy Exchange reasonably believes are from the Client, whether or not they are actually from the Client.

3. Gift Cards

3.1 Client must not send to any other vendor a gift cards or Ecodes which are already sent to us. Or other other way must not send to us a gift card or Ecodes which has already been sent to another vendor.

3.2 Rates: Market Rates for both Gift Cards and Crypto-Currencies changes. The rates at which you transacted with Bevvy Exchange the previous days might change from the rates we are buying gift cards or bitcoin the current day.

3.3 We at Bevvy Exchange always wait for instructions from our Customers/Clients before we process your gift cards and make payment there after. That means that even though your Cards are sent to us we would do nothing to it until we have agreed with each other.

4. Failed, late or defective transfers

4.1. Subject to clause 11.2 and clause 11.3 Bevvy Exchange shall be liable to the Client for the correct execution of an authorized transfer and subject to the remainder of this clause 11 shall refund the Client the amount of the failed or defective transfer.

5. Payment and transfer

5.1. Cleared funds for payment of the Contract by the Client must be received by Bevvy Exchange at least one business day, before the value date of the Contract (a business day is 9am to 6 pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays and Public Holidays in England (“business day”).

5.2. All currency purchased will be sent by electronic transfer to the bank account detailed in the Beneficiary Details provided always that:

6. Client confirmations

6.1. The Client warrants that it will only seek to trade currency with Bevvy Exchange for legitimate commercial purposes and that it will not seek to do so for the purposes of speculation. Speculation means taking advantage of and/or profiting from fluctuations in currency exchange rates.

6.2. If the client is not an individual the Client also warrants that it is:

6.2.1. a legal person operating as a business, trade, profession or craft and will only seek to sell currency to or purchase currency from Bevvy Exchange for the purposes of that business, trade, profession or craft;

6.2.2. that each such currency trade will only be for legitimate commercial purposes in the ordinary course of its business; and

7. Converting E-currency

5.1. Client acknowledges and agrees that Bevvy Exchange may, in response to the Client’s application for an account and /or in relation to any contract for the purchase or sale of currency by the Client, Bevvy Exchange may at its discretion seek to satisfy itself as to the Client’s purpose in trading currency and the Client agrees to co- operate with any inquiries which Bevvy Exchange may make in relation to the Client’s purpose for the sale or purchase of the currency.

7.2. Once Bevvy Exchange has confirmed to the Client in writing that its account has been established and opened the Client may make one or more contracts to trade currency with Bevvy Exchange. Subject to clause 2 above the Client may give Bevvy Exchange instructions to trade in writing by post, email or by fax, verbally or electronically via the Bevvy Exchange on-line system.

8. Changes to these conditions

8.1. Bevvy Exchange may change these Conditions from time to time and any change will take effect from the Effective Date stated on each new version.

8.2. At least two months prior to the Effective Date concerned the new version of the Conditions will be provided by Bevvy Exchange to the Client by email to the Registered Email Address for the Client’s account. If the Client does not agree with the revised version of the Conditions or any part of it, the Client may terminate this agreement on notice in writing in accordance with clause 13.3. If the Client does not terminate this agreement prior to the Effective Date and the Client continues to use their account with Bevvy Exchange the client will be deemed to have accepted and will be bound by the revised version of these Conditions.

9. Other legal notices

9.1. A person who is not a party to these Conditions shall not have any rights to enforce its terms

21.2. Bevvy Exchange may at any time amend these Conditions. Bevvy Exchange will give Clients at least two months’ notification of any changes before they take effect by placing a notice on our website www.bevvyexchange.com Bevvy Exchange may also communicate these changes by email and/or by post. Upon the expiry of the notice such changes will be deemed to be accepted by the Client unless the Client advises Bevvy Exchange in writing to the contrary. If the Client does advise Bevvy Exchange in this manner it will be deemed immediate notice of termination of these Conditions by the Client and until or unless the Client agrees to Bevvy Exchange’s conditions Bevvy Exchange will not accept any new instructions from the Client. The Client can request copy of these Conditions free of charge at any time.

10. How to make a complaint

22.1. Bevvy Exchange values all Clients and takes our regulations seriously. If the Client has a complaint about the service that was received the Client should contact Bevvy Exchange in writing, email, fax or telephone.

11. Company details

11.1. Bevvy Exchange is is a company with the CAC Registration Number: RC: 1685060 is a Crypto Currency Company headquartered in Enugu. As registered by the Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission on the 9th day of July, 2020.

We buy major global Crypto-currencies and Gift Cards including Bitcoin, Etherium, perfect money, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Google Play Cards, iTunes Cards, Sephora Gift Cards, Steam Wallets, Amazon Cards, Ecodes and etc.